Actinotrophon fragilis (Houart, 1996)


Bibliographic references

, . - New species and records of deep water muricids (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Papua New Guinea. Vita Malacologica 15: 7-34

Types and valuable specimens

CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3719
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3722
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3718
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3720
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3721
FIGURÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3717


Mollusca 19
Gastropoda 19
Neogastropoda 19
Muricidae 19
Actinotrophon 19

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Molluscs (IM) 19