Allaxiopsis picteti (Zehntner, 1894)


Bibliographic references

, . - Burrowing lobsters mostly from shallow coastal environments in Papua New Guinea (Crustacea: Axiidea: Axiidae, Micheleidae). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 77: 1-14

Types and valuable specimens

CITÉ(S) MNHN-IU-2014-2041
FIGURÉ(S) MNHN-IU-2013-1209
FIGURÉ(S) MNHN-IU-2014-2526


Arthropoda 4
Malacostraca 4
Decapoda 4
Axiidae 4
Allaxiopsis 4

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Crustaceans (IU) 4