Chabaudigella perforata


Name-bearing type

HOLOTYPE null-IN-PK_34562

Other specimens of the type series

PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34563
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34564
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34565
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34566
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34567
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34568
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34569
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34570
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34571
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34572
PARATYPES null-IN-PK_34573


Nématodes 12
Secernentea 12
Rhabditida 12
Ungellidae 12
Chabaudigella 12

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Nematodes (IN) 12