Leptotrophon wareni Houart & Héros, 2012


Bibliographic references

, . - New species of Muricidae (Gastropoda) and additional or noteworthy records from the western Pacific.. Zoosystema 34(1): 21-37
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Type locality

Solomon Islands, 8°16'S, 160°40'E, 570-756 m [N/O "Alis", SALOMON 1: stn DW1772, Bouchet, Dayrat, Warén & Richer-IRD coll., 28 September 2001].

Name-bearing type


Other specimens of the type series

PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-24182
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-24183
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-24184

Other valuable specimens

CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3715
FIGURÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2015-3714


Mollusca 13
Gastropoda 13
Neogastropoda 13
Muricidae 13
Leptotrophon 13

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Molluscs (IM) 13