Raylilia coniculifera Galil, 2001


Bibliographic references

, . - A new genus and species of leucosiid crab (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura) from the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Zoosystema 23: 65-75
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Name-bearing type


Other specimens of the type series

PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IU-2008-10973
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IU-2008-10974
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IU-2008-10984
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IU-2008-10985
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IU-2008-12019

Other valuable specimens

CITÉ(S) MNHN-IU-2013-8853
FIGURÉ(S) + CITÉ(S) MNHN-IU-2014-6087


Arthropoda 10
Malacostraca 10
Decapoda 10
Leucosiidae 10
Raylilia 10

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Crustaceans (IU) 10