Reticunassa visayaensis Galindo, Kool & Dekker, 2017


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Bibliographic references

, . - Review of the Nassarius pauperus (Gould, 1850) complex (Nassariidae): Part 3, reinstatement of the genus Reticunassa, with the description of six new species. European Journal of Taxonomy 275: 1-43

Type locality

Panglao Island, 9°35.7′ N, 123°44.7′ E, 0–3 m

Name-bearing type


Other specimens of the type series

PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-28395
PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-28404
PARATYPE(S)? MNHN-IM-2000-28405


Mollusca 23
Gastropoda 23
Neogastropoda 23
Nassariidae 23
Reticunassa 23

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Molluscs (IM) 23