Conus pepeiu Moolenbeek, Zandbergen & Bouchet, 2008


Bibliographic references

, . - Conus (Gastropoda, Conidae) from the Marquesas Archipelago: description of a new endemic offshore fauna. Vita Malacologica 6: 19-49

Type locality

Marquesas Archipelago, Ua Huka, 8°54'S 139°38'W, 200-220 m [MUSORSTOM 9: stn DW1288].

Name-bearing type


Other specimens of the type series

PARATYPE(S) MNHN-IM-2000-20922

Other valuable specimens

CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2008-1339
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2008-1341
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2008-1338
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2008-1342
CITÉ(S) MNHN-IM-2008-1340


Mollusca 7
Gastropoda 7
Neogastropoda 7
Conidae 7
Conus 7

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Molluscs (IM) 7