Splendrillia intermedia Wells, 1995


Bibliographic references

, . - A revision of the drilliid genera Splendrillia and Plagiostropha (Gastropoda: Conoidea) from New Caledonia, with additional records from others areas. Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 167: 527-556

Type locality

NORD EST DU CANAL DE MOZAMBIQUE 11°29,2'S 47°18,2'E, 250 m, W iles Glorieuses [N/O"Suroît" Campagne BENTHEDI: stn DR08 Bouchet coll. 19MAR1977]

Name-bearing type



Mollusca 1
Gastropoda 1
Neogastropoda 1
Drilliidae 1
Splendrillia 1

Specimens registered in collections

Collection Number of specimens (or sets)
Molluscs (IM) 1